Chin Aesthetics

Chin Aesthetics

You can get detailed information about the aesthetics of the jaw, which is the process of improving the aesthetic appearance between the jaw and the face.

ÇWhat is Mentoplasty?

Çnee aesthetics; my appearance and my life It is the name given to the surgical procedure done to change it and make it more compatible with the rest of the face. In this plastic surgery, it is aimed to change the shape of the neck. While this procedure can be performed with methods such as adding an implant in patients with small jaws, a piece of the bone is removed in deformed jaws. Applications such as relocating, moving or shortening the aces can be made. All of these procedures are determined by the way recommended by the surgeon. In patients with small and small jaws, implants can be placed, as well as a piece taken from another part of the body can be placed in this area. In the same way, the shape correction process is applied by rubbing or moving the jaws that are pulled backwards or that are too long. It is among the most frequently performed plastic surgeries for any reason in the last period. 


çprocess in jaw aesthetics; It starts with the preliminary examination you have with the surgeon. During this pre-examination, the surgeon performs face analysis on individuals and tries to have an idea about their anatomy. During this process, your expectations are also important. By communicating your expectations to the surgeon, you can direct him and plan the final face for what you can do together. If there are other procedures that can be applied together with jaw aesthetics, you can evaluate them with your surgeon's recommendation. When the surgery is decided after the preliminary examination, your surgeon and his team will take your medical history from you, and blood will be drawn to complete the tests that must be done before the surgery. During this process, endurance to the procedure to be applied during both anesthesia and surgery was evaluated. Your values ​​such as AIDS and hepatitis will also be checked. &Cedil;needle aesthetics can be performed under local anesthesia as well as under general anesthesia. All this before surgery is a part of the preparation by the doctors.

Non-Surgical ÇNene Aesthetics

&cced;needle tubeping or shaping with implants are needed; when it is not heard, the appearance of the nose with applications such as jaw filling in cosmetic dermatology units. it is possible to change We think that the most popular of these procedures is jawline  is the çjawline padding. Jawline is a simple but effective method that is applied to make the jawline more pronounced by injecting fillers to certain parts of the face to clarify the jawline. procedure. This process, which we can call non-surgical jaw aesthetics, can be done in about 15-20 minutes, and the person can quickly regain their new look. In the non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed in the cosmetic dermatology unit, the areas to be injected are anesthetized with local anesthetic creams and the individual's pain is resolved.

Surgery Çnene Aesthetics

These aesthetic procedures, which we can also call

&cced;nee surgery, are performed by plastic surgeons. Procedures such as neck tuberculosis and jaw length resection are performed in operating rooms and are performed by surgeons. It is possible to expand or lengthen the small jaws with the jaw implant in the surgical jaw aesthetic applications. becomes. Another method in jaw procedures performed with surgery is & It is known as tuberculosis. In the neck tubeping process, the length or width of the jaw is the patient's face. It is reshaped by molding in accordance with the rhinoplasty. If there is a complaint about mouth closure in the upper or lower jaw, the patient is referred to the dental polyclinic, and the lower jaw closure is treated with orthodontic treatment. It can be refined and have an aesthetic neck profile.

Mentoplasty Surgery and After 

This surgical procedure can take between 30 minutes and 3 hours. It totally depends on the machine structure and the processes to be applied. If implants will be used during the surgery, small incisions are made where these implants will be placed, if not, all special applications are processed in order. Your surgeon will inform you in detail about the procedures to be performed during the surgery and the implant or method to be used. Silicone jaw implants or gortex implants can be used in such aesthetic procedures. You should definitely get information from your surgeon about different implants and their effects. 

Op. Dr. Orhan AYDIN

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist

Who is Orhan AYDIN?

Kiss. Dr. Orhan Aydın was born in 1984 in Kırcaali. He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir. He graduated from Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Medicine in 2008. He completed his specialization training in Pamukkale University Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department between 2009-2014. Between 2014-2015, he completed his compulsory service at Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital.

Health Sciences University, where he started working in 2015, Dr. Abduraahman Yurtaslan left his duty at Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital in November 2018...