Dermapen is used for micro needling the skin. It stimulates the skin's natural elastin and collagen production with its controlled damage. Thus, the tissues in the skin are revitalized and repaired quickly.

Dermapen is a non-surgical, easy-to-apply aesthetic procedure used to treat skin problems by increasing collagen production. Collagen stimulation therapy, also known as micro-needling therapy, can help those seeking skin rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. Dermapen is also used in certain anti-aging procedures such as eyelid surgery and sunspots.

Demapen (Micro needling) is not effective in hair loss despite the possible role of collagen in hair growth. Dermapen can also be a good option without surgery for delaying aging and some other skin problems. You can contact us to learn more about Dermapen (Micro needling) and to see if it is the right option for your skin.

How Does Dermapen Work?
Thanks to Dermapen application, micro channels are opened on the skin. This is done with vibrating needles and the skin's own healing mechanisms are activated. At the same time, mesotherapy solutions applied to the area are easily absorbed through the channels opened by hyarulonic acid, PRP or CGF dermapen, and the tissue is renewed much faster and healthier.

What Does Dermapen Do?
Dermapen is used in the treatment of skin problems (acne, skin regeneration, large pores, fine lines, sunspots, scars, etc.) and cracks. It contributes to the restructuring of the skin and strengthening of the collagen tissue. Dermapen (Micro needling) treatment is most commonly applied to the face.

Dermapen benefits for the face;
Acne Scars,
Age Spots (Sun Spots),
Fine Lines and Wrinkles,
Large Pores,
Other Types of Wounds,
Increasing Decreased Skin Elasticity,
Correction of Irregularities in the Skin.
In addition to facial problems, dermapen (microneedling) is sometimes used to treat stretch marks in other parts of the body. One study has shown that dermapen therapy, when combined with fillers, is an effective treatment for stretch marks in the legs and abdomen.

Dermapen treatment can also be applied to scars on other parts of the body. However, dermapen (micro needling) is mainly used on the face.

How is Dermapen Made?
Before the Dermapen application, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Before the Dermapen, your doctor will apply an anesthetic cream so that you do not feel pain. This is done approximately 45 minutes before your treatment. With the automatic, vibrating needling technique, micro channels are opened on the skin to increase the absorption and therapeutic effect of these substances.

During Dermapen treatment, your doctor makes small needles under the skin with a pen-like instrument. The needles are so small that you probably won't notice them after the procedure. Your doctor will move the instrument evenly across your skin so that the rejuvenated new skin will heal evenly.

When necessary, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy solutions, PRP or CGF can be applied to the area where Dermapen will be applied. Dermapen (micro needling) treatment takes about half an hour.

How Many Sessions of Dermapen Should Be Done?
Dermapen process takes about an hour and can be applied in 2-6 sessions depending on the skin problem. Sessions are held one month apart. If the physician deems it appropriate, the treatment can be repeated.

How long is the recovery period after Dermapen?
Dermapen is a non-surgical application. Therefore, the recovery time after dermapen is minimal. The recovery period after Dermapen is a comfortable process that minimally interrupts your normal life. In the first few days following the Dermapen application, redness may occur on the skin. It's a natural response to the little controlled "traumas" done by the needles in your skin. If you are comfortable after the procedure, you can return to work or school. Many people camouflage them with make-up after the first few days when the redness subsides.

Your skin will also be more sensitive to the sun after dermapen, so sunscreen after dermapen is a must. After Dermapen, new tissue production and healing mechanisms work very quickly in your skin. Theoretically, dermapen results can be seen within a few weeks.

To maintain Dermapen results, you will need multiple sessions and perhaps other complementary treatments. Kiss. Dr Orhan Aydın will recommend you the best treatment plan based on your individual goals.

How Often Is Dermapen Done?
As a general rule, dermapen treatment can be safely performed approximately once a month or every 4-6 weeks. The frequency of application of Dermapen is the time interval that works best for the majority of patients of all skin types. Follow your doctor's advice on determining the best frequency for your dermapen treatments so that you can get the most benefit for your skin health and beauty.

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