Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty) is an aesthetic completion element associated with eyebrows and cheeks. It plays an important role in facial rejuvenation.

From the early thirties onwards, accumulation and sagging of the upper eyelid, bagging begins to occur with the outward herniation of the under-eye fat tissue on the lower eyelids, the length of the eyelid becomes longer, and wrinkles called crow's feet appear on the corners of the eyes depending on facial expressions.

Upper and lower eyelid aesthetics is the process of removing excess skin or orbital fat. Eyes and eyelids, which are the constant elements of aesthetics and beauty, are also the first areas where signs of aging are observed on the face. It is among the popular aesthetic applications that have been in demand recently. Sagging of the upper eyelids causes the problem of not being able to use pencils in women. From the mid-thirties onwards, collapses and bruises may develop under the eyes, and a deep line called the tear trough forms, separating the under-eye bags from the cheek. Clumps in the upper eyelids can make it difficult to open the eye. Due to these accumulations, people who get help from their eyebrows and constantly raise their eyebrows may experience deepening of the forehead lines and headaches. All these changes that have increased over the years; It leads to a tired, unhealthy and old appearance.

Eyelid Aesthetics Overview
Plastic surgeries for eyelids; These are surgical interventions that aim to remove the accumulations, sagging, bagging, collapses, bruises and wrinkles called "crow's feet" on the eyelids, thus providing a young and dynamic appearance. In eye contour aesthetics, the upper eyelid is evaluated together with the eyebrows and forehead, and the lower eyelid is evaluated together with the cheek. Excess skin on the upper eyelids is removed, clumps and sagging are removed, and eyebrow lifting is performed if necessary. If there is a droopy eyelid, the muscles that lift the eyelids are shortened and the eyelids are lifted. If there are sunken eyes, they can be filled with oil. In the lower eyelid, the impaired eyelid and cheek relationship is corrected. The fats that are bagged on the lower lid are removed and carried on the cheek. If necessary, fat injections are made on the cheek and around the eyes. All these procedures can be performed individually or as a part of facial rejuvenation surgery. Aesthetics around the eyes is one of the most frequently performed facial rejuvenation operations in both men and women. A successful surgical intervention immediately changes the appearance of the person, providing a young, dynamic and healthy perception.

Types of eye aesthetics;

Upper eyelid aesthetics,
Lower eyelid aesthetics,
Lower and upper eyelid aesthetics
Almond eye aesthetics
Upper Eyelid Aesthetics:
One of the most performed operations today is eyelid operations. Generally, complaints about eyelid edema and excess skin, muscle and fat on the eyelids occur due to many reasons such as advancing aging, excessive weight loss, smoking and alcohol consumption. The operation is performed with local anesthesia in an average of 30-45 minutes. Excess skin and muscle are removed in the upper eyelid fold, if herniation also occurs in the upper eyelid inner and outer pads of the patient, the excess fat tissue in that area is removed during the procedure. The patient returns to his social life in a very short time after the operation, heals within 4-5 days, the stitches are removed on the 5th day, edema can be observed after the operation, and bruising does not occur too much.

Lower Eyelid Aesthetics:
If the patient has complaints of edema and excess skin in the lower eyelid area, lower eyelid surgery is recommended to the patient. Lower eyelid surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Average operation time is 1 hour. The muscle in the patient's under-eye area is not removed, only the herniated fat tissue is removed. If necessary, the under-eye fat tissue is not removed during the operation and if there is a collapse under the eye, a part of the fat tissue is distributed to that area, creating a smoother, fuller appearance. In the lower eyelid operation, unlike the upper eyelid operation, very little skin is removed as much as possible. It can be done with an incision under the eyelashes, or it can be performed without a trace with an incision completely inside the eye. Stitches are not removed after the operation. Edema and bruising may occur after the operation, the recovery period is an average of 1 week.

Lower and Upper Eyelid Aesthetics:
If the patient has a tired appearance, excess skin, drooping on both the upper and lower eyelids, lower and upper eyelid operations can be performed simultaneously. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, the average operation time is 1.5 hours. With the upper eyelid incision, excess skin and herniated tissues are removed, the lower eyelid herniated fat tissue is removed or distributed according to the patient's needs, the sutures on the upper eyelid are removed on the 5th day after the operation. 

Post-operative edema and bruises heal in an average of 10 days.

Almond Eye Aesthetics (Cantopexy):
Today, one of the most preferred operations is cantopexy operations called almond eye aesthetics. The operation is performed with general anesthesia. The average operation time is 30-45 minutes. During the operation, the appearance of the lower and upper eyelids is suspended on the upper bone, and the eye structure is transformed into a slanting-looking shape called almond eye. The patient can return to social life after an average of 1 week after the operation.

Eyelid droop is a condition that can be corrected by surgery
Eyelid aesthetics is generally needed after the age of 35. However, surgery can be performed at an earlier age in people with structurally overly fleshy and low upper eyelids or with significant bags on the lower eyelids. Eyelid plastic surgery must be performed by aesthetic and plastic surgeons. Otherwise:

Inability to Close Eyes
Pulling the lower eyelids down
Distortion of eye shape
dry eyes
And complications up to blindness can be seen.
What are Eyelid Aesthetics Techniques?
Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist Op. Dr. Orhan Aydın evaluates the eye and the eye area and applies a personalized eyelid aesthetic surgery plan. In the modern aesthetic understanding, full eyelids and high eyebrows are adopted, not emptied and collapsed eyelids. For this reason, it is aimed not to remove the bags, especially on the upper eyelids, but to protect them and to make the eye area fuller by supporting them with adipose tissue when necessary. Likewise, it is aimed not to remove the bags on the lower eyelids, but to spread the bagging to empty areas and to make the eye area look younger and vigorous by supporting it with oil when necessary. Fill in the form or contact us via our whatsapp line to access 2022 prices about eyelid aesthetics prices and to access all the details about eyelid aesthetics.

How Long Does the Eyelid Procedure Take?
The duration of this procedure can take up to 3 hours if both the upper and lower eyelids are performed at the same time. If only the upper or only the lower eyelid operation is applied, it will take 1 to 2 hours. Another question we have is the types of anesthesia applied in the operation;

Local anesthesia; It is the technique in which the operation is performed while the area to be applied is anesthetized and awake. It is quite comfortable and can be done by chatting with the patient.

general anesthesia; It is a method that is performed while the patient is completely put to sleep. It is generally preferred when the lower and upper eyelids are treated at the same time (combined). It is the method to be applied in patients who are afraid of the operating room or who want to go through the procedure completely numb. The form of anesthesia is shaped by the patient's state of health and the dialogue between the doctor and his cat. The recovery time after this procedure is quite fast, and the applied stitches can be selected as dissolving stitches or normal stitches.

Op. Dr. Orhan AYDIN

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist

Who is Orhan AYDIN?

Kiss. Dr. Orhan Aydın was born in 1984 in Kırcaali. He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir. He graduated from Manisa Celal Bayar University Faculty of Medicine in 2008. He completed his specialization training in Pamukkale University Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department between 2009-2014. Between 2014-2015, he completed his compulsory service at Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital.

Health Sciences University, where he started working in 2015, Dr. Abduraahman Yurtaslan left his duty at Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital in November 2018...