Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetic surgery includes operations to bring the genital area (vagina, inner lips, outer lips, clitoris and related surrounding tissues) to the appearance and comfort desired by the patient in terms of aesthetic appearance and function.

Again, additional applications such as genital fillings and PRP (platelet rich plasma) are frequently used in genital aesthetics. Vaginal aesthetics is also called vaginal tightening, genital aesthetics, genital beautification, genital aesthetics and sexual aesthetics.

Genital aesthetic operations, just like nose or breast aesthetics, have a very high self-confidence boosting effect. It is also the key to a happy sex life. We are especially sensitive to our patients who want genital aesthetics and we work to bring them the best results in a comfortable atmosphere.

Laser genital plastic surgery is one of the most frequently asked techniques. The working mechanism of the laser depends on the heat increase applied locally. While it is useful for burning and cutting in surgeries, it is also used for vaginal tightening in other local applications. Its effect on vaginal tightening is temporary and cannot sufficiently narrow very wide vaginas. We can also use the laser in labiaplasty surgeries.

What does the genital area consist of?
inner lips,
outer lips,
The skin covering the clitoris (clitoral hood),
perineum (the area between the lower border of the vagina and the anus),
It consists of mons pubis (the area between the cesarean section and the upper part of the vagina).
The external genital area outside the vagina is called the vulva in medicine.

What are genital plastic surgeries?
hymen sewing,
Clitoris aesthetics (clitoral hoodoplasty),
Another name for vaginal tightening surgery is vaginoplasty surgery. Vaginoplasty is done specifically to narrow the vagina. Because this is the basic request from patients. Especially vagina tightening operation is a very popular genital plastic surgery today.

There are many women who complain about the width of the vagina. The widening of the vagina brings many problems for the woman and her husband. Especially men and women complain that they cannot enjoy sexual intercourse. This problem causes frigidity.

When there is sexual coldness, it also causes personal arguments. Vaginoplasty is an operation that takes about 30 minutes. It usually happens with general anesthesia. You do not need to stay in the hospital. You can return home after the surgery. It heals in 3 weeks on average. After about 6 weeks, you can enter your first relationship. You can find more detailed information in our vaginoplasty article.

Hymen Planting
The hymen is planted in two ways. These are permanent hymen suturing and temporary hymen suturing. Permanent hymen planting is a lifelong planting method. With the flap method, the hymen is restored to its former strength. As the name suggests, temporary hymen is sewn temporarily for a certain period of time.

Temporary hymen is usually planted for 5-7 days. Especially girls who are very close to the wedding prefer temporary twill. Our girls who do not have a distant wedding date or a wedding date prefer permanent hymen planting. You can find much more detailed and detailed information about the hymen on our hymen planting page.

Labiaplasty surgery, also known as vaginal lip aesthetic surgery, is a very popular surgery today, like other genital aesthetic surgeries. 'Labia' means lip in medicine. There are two pairs of lips in the vagina. These are the outer lips and inner lips from the outside to the inside.

While the shape of the outer lips deteriorates especially with birth, aging and weight loss, there are deformities in the inner lips due to factors such as birth, waxing, genetics and aging.

Vaginal outer lip aesthetics, outer lips of the vagina are the most visible part of the female genitalia. It stores fat in it. When you gain weight, the outer lips will be fuller as they will be filled with fat. When you lose weight suddenly, the skin will look more drooping as the fat will melt. If it is added on during aging, you may have a wrinkled and drooping outer lip. In such cases, the saggy and wrinkled skin of the outer lip is removed with Labiaplasty and a more taut and youthful outer lip is obtained.

In labiaplasty, the unnecessary excess skin is removed and wrinkles are removed, but if you want it to be full as well as tight, then you should have an outer lip filler.

Vaginal outer lip filling is made in two different ways according to the filling material used. The first filler material is Hyaluronic acid. It is the process of filling the lips of the vagina with cross-linked hyaluronic acid used in the mouth lips.

Hyaluronic acid fillers last for an average of 6 months. Imaginary acid also has the ability to moisturize the skin. The procedure takes an average of 15 minutes and local anesthesia is applied. It is a simple process.

In the second filling method, the outer lips of the vagina are filled with autologous fat. In other words, it is the process of filling with your own oil. Your own fat filling 

Fillings made with u are permanent fillings. The fat to be used in fat filling is taken from the belly or hips.

The name of the vagina inner lip aesthetics in medicine is labia minor. Vagina inner lip complaints are experienced a lot especially in our young girls and they are looking for solutions. Today, facial and other body aesthetics have become very important.

The importance of genital aesthetics is now much more understood by women. Especially the vaginal hygiene and the discomforts when wearing a bikini have increased the interest in this operation. The dark appearance and size of the vaginal lips cause serious discomfort in appearance. With labiaplasty surgery, the dark appearance of the genitals goes away.

Application to labiaplasty surgery is mostly due to the following reasons;

If enlarged and enlarged vaginal lips cause irritation during sexual intercourse or sports activities,
If there was sagging or tearing of the vaginal lips during delivery,
If it is often irritated and therefore painful to the touch,
If it causes frequent sweating and discharge,
If you are wearing tight clothes such as swimsuits or tights, it is obvious from the outside and this bothers you,
If you lack self-confidence due to the large or asymmetrical appearance of your vulva (external appearance of the female genitalia).
With labiaplasty surgery, your vaginal lips gain a much smaller and aesthetic appearance, and you also get rid of the dark color, because the color of the lips becomes lighter after the surgery.

Clitoris Aesthetics
The clitoris is the most important erectile organ that provides sexual pleasure and satisfaction for a woman. The clitoris is nervously very dense. The clitoris is very important in sexual arousal.

The skin overlying the clitoris can sometimes be too large and wide. This excess skin is not visually pleasing. In addition, because the skin of the clitoris covers the clitoris too much during sexual intercourse, it can reduce the stimulation and pleasure. The medical name of this skin cover on the clitoris is the clitoral hood. Its Turkish equivalent is the clitoris hat.

Clitoris aesthetic surgery provides a more aesthetic appearance by reducing the excess skin covering the clitoris. It also increases sexual pleasure and satisfaction a lot by stimulating the clitoris more easily. In clitoris aesthetic surgery, the clitoris is not interfered with, only excess skin is removed.


The perineum is the name given to the part between the anus and the vagina. Due to births or aging, the mouth of the vagina may open more than normal and approach the anus. This is both unpleasant in appearance and causes vaginal discharge due to excessive openness. In addition, vaginal dryness is frequently observed in an open vagina. For these reasons, an aesthetic operation is performed on the perie area, and the opening of the vagina is reduced by perinoplasty. In this way, the anus and the vaginal entrance move away from each other.

What is the price of genital aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics fee varies according to the procedure performed. In addition, combination genital aesthetics is usually desired. For example, labiaplasty may be requested with vaginal tightening. For this reason, we cannot give prices here. You can reach us without any hesitation from our contact numbers and get price and detailed information.

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Health Sciences University, where he started working in 2015, Dr. Abduraahman Yurtaslan left his duty at Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital in November 2018...